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What exactly is Crydeal?

Crydeal is a locking-to-trading protocol.

Crydeal uses smart contract to establish trust between parties, in order to avoid fraud and dishonesty when buying and selling goods and services.

The main principle of Crydeal is to create a lock-up program through a smart contract, where both parties are required to deposit a certain amount of tokens as collateral.

Once the deal is completed and both parties are satisfied, the collateral will be unlocked and returned to the parties.

This mechanism ensures the honest behavior of both parties in the transaction, without relying on intermediaries or third-party services.

The advantages of Crydeal include:

  1. Trustless: Through smart contracts and a lock-up program jointly controlled by both parties, there is no need to trust each other or any third-party services.
  2. Privacy protection: Personal information is known only to those involved in the deal.
  3. Lower costs: Since there is no third-party involvement, fee costs may be reduced.
  4. Controllable risk: Both parties can adjust the lock-up amount as needed, increasing the cost of default for the other party.

No Fee?

Yes, smart contract won't charge fees.

Contract Opensource?


Contract Address

0x3bf5B46b0767b0f0A1ca2D5fFE5916975994DA54 (Ethereum) 0xEBdc02713EdF14a4c1e67813AF7654d146BC67BE (Arbitrum) 0x7737a35B165AC1Ff1fe0E5B215F9885b9C67c2b0 (Optimism)

Frontend Code Opensource?

Yes, when the development work is completed.